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Press and Publications

Foodmandu Case Study: A Complete Analytical Report of 2019
The Click Reader

"The ‘Foodmandu Case Study: A Complete Analytical Report of 2019’ study lists out the analytical findings extracted by Kharpann Enterprises from the publicly available data hosted on Foodmandu’s official website."

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Kharpann – Earn Money From Your Freelance Gigs
Gadgets in Nepal

"Kharpann, a team of young entrepreneurs, are changing the scene for good. With the recent launch of their product, ‘Kharpann – Do Swift’, the team is enabling people to work on multiple short one-time jobs called as ‘gigs’. These ‘gigs’ are mentioned to be straightforward and short enough for the general population to perform in their free time without being bounded to working hours."

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Top AI Companies in Nepal for Outsourcing Work
The Click Reader

"Kharpann Enterprises is the only AI outsourcing company in Nepal and has both a web-app as well as an android platform for outsourcing purposes. The company specializes in the development of artificially intelligent models, enterprise-level applications, web-apps, native-apps, etc. and according to their website, they have a network of over 160+ professionals to carry out various AI and non-AI related projects."

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