Build data science processes from the ground up with Kharpann.

Our data scientists integrate seamlessly with businesses across all time zones for conducting research and development.
Only a few businesses are able to build their own data science team and for the rest, the discovery of the right human resource has always been a problem. Kharpann fills this gap by providing businesses with their own dedicated data science team who are willing to work as an extension of their business in an everlasting engagement.
Working with Kharpann ensures that your business receives high-quality services ranging from architecting data engineering pipelines, building data analytical platforms and deploying state-of-the-art deep learning solutions.
Data Audit and Consultation

Perform comprehensive data audits and receive pre-engagement suggestions centered around organizational needs to effectively understand and adopt data science for any business domain.

Data Engineering

Build automated data engineering pipelines to extract raw data from various sources, transform it into valuable information and store it into well-architected data warehouses.

Business Intelligence

Gain data insights and find avenues to optimize business processes for generating additional revenue through the use of advance descriptive, predictive and prescriptive data analytics.

Customer Analytics

Profile, rank and analyze your customers to discover new cross-selling and up-selling opportunities and build personalized marketing strategies using automated A/B tests.

Machine Learning

Build innovative solutions using custom-made ensembles of state-of-the-art Machine Learning models for tackling both supervised and unsupervised problems in any domain of work.

Deep Learning

Gain an unparallel competitive advantage by integrating complex deep learning solutions for a large number of organizational use cases involving computer vision and natural language processing tasks.

1. Why should I hire Kharpann instead of an in-house data scientist?

An in-house data scientist brings only his/her own work experience to the table whereas working with Kharpann allows you to have a larger value proposition from a team filled with data scientists. Our offerings are also set in a manner that allows you to gain a higher return on investment in comparison to working with an in-house data scientist.

2. Can I hire Kharpann on a monthly as well as on a project basis?

Yes, you can.


Monthly engagements turn out to be very helpful when you do not have a clear set of goals of what you want to do with data science for your business and want us to figure that out for you. Project engagements turn out to be surprisingly great when you have a clear set of goals of what you want to do with data science for your business.

4. What kind of computational resources does Kharpann work with?

Kharpann’s computation power is backed by industry-leading GPUs and TPUs.

5. Will data privacy be a concern when working with Kharpann?

Not when you work with us. We enforce the following data privacy measures in order to keep your institution’s data safe and private even in the eyes of our own data scientists:


a. All categorical information such as name, gender, etc. are changed into random string values using a non-disclosed hash-table.
b. All numerical information such as revenue, age, etc. are scaled up or down by a multiple of a non-disclosed integer number.
c. All data files are encrypted and a confidentiality agreement is signed prior to the start of work.

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